Welcome! This is a site which archives feature requests and suggestions (aka YANIs) for the roguelike game NetHack - The Greatest Game You Will Ever Play. The ultimate goal of this site is to preserve good ideas so they don't get forgotten about, and to present them in an organized way so that developers and interested players can use them.

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Where the Ideas Come From

Most of the ideas on this site are drawn from logs of several channels on the Freenode IRC chat network, principally #nethack, #hardfought, ##nethack-discord, and ##nethack-variants. The logs are searched for certain strings such as "YANI" and "feature request", then the chat is refined into a more readable form to be shown here.

There are several categories of idea that don't get put onto this site:

Note to Aspiring Variant Developers

If you are thinking of making a NetHack variant, the ideas here are a great start - but make sure to talk about your plans with the NetHack community. Variants that are worked on in secret and then announced out of nowhere tend to have design or code issues that could have been fixed earlier if the community had known about it.


Questions, comments, other feedback? Find me as aosdict on Freenode, as copperwater on GitHub, as Phol ende wodan on the NetHack Wiki, or email aosdict@gmail.com.